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Sharing a home with cats can bring many potential benefits to the owner; they make great companions, are sometimes more suitable than a dog for owners that work full time, and can even bring potential health benefits as owners find stroking them to be relaxing.

However behaviour problems can cause a breakdown in that relationship. Here you can learn how to prevent behaviour problems and get help if they do occur.

Sound purrrfect for your cat?

Feline Services

Feline Behaviour Consultation

Problems such as inappropriate toileting, spraying and aggression towards the family or visitors can turn a rewarding relationship into a nightmare situation for the owners. Other behaviour problems can also be a cause of distress, such as inter-cat aggression, excessive fearfulness, destructive behaviour and feline stress. If you are experiencing any of these issues, or a problem of a different nature, please consider a feline behaviour consultation.
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Behaviour Problem Prevention

Did you know that you can prevent behaviour problems by learning the correct ways to interact with your cat and learning how to provide the most suitable feline environment. If you are considering sharing your home with a cat, or would like to learn how to enrich your cat’s environment, you can book a Kitty In The City home course.
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Kitty in the City
£601 hour
  • Warrington Area
  • 2 Sessions
  • Tailored Programme
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  • Outside Warrington
  • Extra Milage Cost
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