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Many owners request help for their cat when their cat’s behaviour is unsuitable for their home or does not meet the owner’s expectations of what is acceptable behaviour for a pet cat. The following problems can be addressed with a behaviour consultation:

  • House soiling
  • Spraying
  • Aggression
  • Nervousness
  • Scratching
  • Stress
  • Pica (consumption of non-edible materials)
  • Over grooming
Feline behaviour problems are often caused by an underlying emotion of frustration or fear, so the consultation will look at all areas of the cat’s life and a behaviour programme will be individually designed in a way that considers the natural needs of your cat, and your needs as an owner.

What to expect

Feline behaviour consultations take place in the owners home and will usually take approximately two hours,  depending on the nature of the problem. You will be asked to complete a detailed questionnaire before we meet and during the consultation the problem behaviour will be discussed. In most cases I will ask to visit all the places in your house where your cat spends time. You will be given a diagnosis of the problem and I will discuss with you the prognosis and your expectations for the future. You will be given advice on how to prevent further deterioration of the problem and how to begin changing your cat’s behaviour. Any practical techniques will be demonstrated.

The behaviour modification programme will be written up into a report, and this will later be sent to you and a copy to your vet. You will receive free email or phone support for the problem and will be asked to keep in regular contact. If you need further rehabilitation visits to assist with the programme these can be arranged.

Make a beeline for a feline consultation?

Common questions you may have…

How do I book a feline consultation

Firstly you need a referral from your veterinary surgeon and your vet needs to be confident that there are no health issues that could be causing the problem, so your cat might need to be examined. You will need to take a referral form to your vet for them to sign, which you can download here, or if your cat has already been examined we can just give your vets a call and request the medical notes to be faxed over. After your cat has been given the all clear by your vet we can then proceed with a behaviour consultation.

You will also be sent a detailed questionnaire which you should complete by going through the questions with all the family, as there might sometimes be different opinions and experiences of what has happened. You might be asked to make a recording of your pet’s behaviour or to keep a detailed diary of events. You should return the questionnaire and diary or recordings to Jo before the consultation takes place. The fee is payable at the first consultation.

To enquire about a behaviour consultation please contact us here

What is the price?
Please see our feline fees page for details. This can be found here

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