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Kitty in the City

For cat or kitten owners that are not experiencing behaviour problems and want to learn how to prevent them in the future you can book a Kitty In The City home course.

Do you have a contented cat? Yes? How do you know? Is it because Kitty seems to snooze on your bed all day? Have you ever thought that she might not do anything all day because there isn’t anything to do? The home course will give you ideas about how to engage your cat in natural, fun behaviours that will enrich his or her life and prevent potential behaviour problems.

Are you considering getting another cat as a companion for your Kitty? The home course will explain the pros and cons and assess your cats’ suitability as a companion, before you risk getting another cat and potentially causing aggression or stress problems. Do you have a kitten, and would you like to learn how to play with him or her properly and build a rewarding relationship for both of you. Do you have children and would you like to teach them how to interact with your cat or kitten in a safe and rewarding way? If so the Kitty In The City home course is for you.

Smitten with your kitten?

Common questions you may have…

What is the kitty in the city home course?

The course includes:

  • Understanding your cat’s body language
  • Environmental enrichment for your cat
  • Preventing behavioural problems
  • Games to play with your cat
  • Ideas for stimulating indoor cats
  • Ideas for enriching the outdoor environment
  • How to train your cat in simple tasks
  • How to avoid toileting problems

You will also be provided with relevant printed handouts to enable you to continue after the course.

Where are the courses held?

The courses are held in the comfort of your own home. The Kitty In The City home course consists of two one hour sessions that will teach you all about the behaviour of your own cat.

What is the price?

Details of pricing can be found here

Is the course suitable for children?

The course is suitable for children as well as adults.

How do I book a kitty in the city course?


To book a course please just get in touch and let us know where you live and when you are available.

Still have questions?

We will be pleased to answer any query you may have...