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Your dog is a member of your family. If you treat her with respect and understanding she will repay you with years of love and devotion.

She might not be perfect, but all dogs are individuals, with particular needs and different characters. Learning how to train your dog using kind and positive methods will help you to resolve behaviour problems and enrich your relationship with your dog.

Is your dog running rings around you?

Dog Services

Behaviour Consultation

Sometimes a dog’s needs and behaviour conflict with what we humans find acceptable in our homes. Sometimes a dog’s behaviour can become dangerous to you or others. Sometimes, without understanding why, our behaviour can be stressful to the dog and compromise his welfare.
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Learning how to train your dog using kind methods is akin to learning a shared language that both you and your dog understand. By learning how to communicate effectively with your dog you can ask him nicely to wait at the door, to sit when visitors arrive, to go to his bed on command, all without shouting or using force. By using rewards such as praise, play and food to train your dog you will find that he will follow your commands willingly, and a relationship built on mutual trust will develop.
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£401 hour
  • Warrington Area
  • 1 hour long
  • Tailored Programme
Standard Consultation
£2002/3 Hours
  • Warrington Area
  • 2-3 hour long
  • Includes virtual follow up
  • Tailored Programme
  • Report Provided
Addition Costs
  • Outside Warrington
  • Extra Milage Cost
  • Extra Travel Time


Puppy 1-2-1
£401 Hour
  • Warrington Area or Northwich area
  • Puppies up to 5 months old
  • Tailored Training
Training 1-2-1
£401 Hour
  • Warrington or Northwich Area
  • Dogs over 6 months old
  • Tailored Training

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