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Sometimes a dog’s needs and behaviour conflict with what we humans find acceptable in our homes. Sometimes a dog’s behaviour can become dangerous to you or others. Sometimes, without understanding why, our behaviour can be stressful to the dog and compromise his welfare.

Behaviour problems can cause a breakdown in the relationship between you and your dog, but the good news is that the sooner you take control of the problem and ask for help, the easier it is to resolve. A behaviour consultation with Jo at Pets In The City can help you to repair the relationship, by helping you to understand the problem, and learn how to improve your dog’s behaviour using kind methods. A behaviour consultation can assist you with aggression, excessive fear, phobias such as noise phobia, separation problems, toileting issues, chase problems, obsessive behaviour and more.

Is man's best friend behaving badly?

What can be achieved

Booking a behaviour consultation with a force free behaviour counsellor will help you to take the responsible route to a happier, safer and more fulfilling relationship with your dog. The following issues can be addressed with a consultation:

  • Aggression
  • Barking
  • House soiling
  • Multi-dog issues
  • Fear and Phobia
  • Separation problems
  • Stress
  • Destruction

You will be shown the changes that need to be made and the work that must be done to change your dog’s behaviour. The techniques really work and you can see amazing changes, sometimes within a short space of time. In the majority of cases though, you will need to spend time each day practicing the training with your dog over several weeks or months. There are no quick fixes to change the habits of an animal that have developed over time, regardless of what might be shown on TV. The behaviour counsellor Jo is highly qualified and experienced, but she does not have a magic wand to immediately fix all problems;  however you will be shown how to achieve great things with her help.

What to expect

Harmonious relationships between dogs and humans are built on communication, trust and understanding. A behaviour problem is not just an issue for the dog; it becomes a problem that the whole family need to address, with the help of a qualified behaviourist.

Behaviour consultations take place at your home, at least initially, and may continue at a training venue or on a walk near your home. Everyone that regularly interacts with the dog will need to be there if possible. Our behaviourist will discuss your dog’s history and ask questions regarding the problem you are experiencing.

Your dog’s character will be assessed and you will be given a diagnosis of the problem, and an explanation of the type of work you will need to do to resolve it. You will be given management techniques to prevent further problems and if necessary you will go on a short walk and will be shown how to manage the problem behaviour. You will be shown how to train your dog to perform appropriate behaviour and a behaviour modification programme will be designed for you that will be written in a report and sent to you and your vet after your consultation.

The consultation will take two to three hours and you will be shown all the techniques you need to change your dog’s behaviour. You will then need to practice the training with your dog to get the results you want. You will have ongoing support for the behaviour programme from your behaviourist by email or phone.

No need for confrontation, try a PITC consultation?

Common question you may have…

What if my dog is aggressive?

The majority of canine consultations involve dogs that are aggressive. You may have seen dog trainers on TV using techniques that rely on force and intimidation to deal with aggressive dogs. There is never any excuse for trainers or behaviourists to use techniques that frighten or harm your dog, as there are plenty of kind and effective techniques that we can employ to help your pet. Member of the Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors have the skills needed to help your dog, without force.

How is this achieved? Well, if your dog is aggressive to a family member you will be shown how both parties can learn to trust each other again and learn the procedures needed to keep everyone safe.  If your dog is showing aggression to another dog within your household their relationship will be assessed and you will be shown how to rebuild their relationship whenever possible. If your dog is aggressive to other people or dogs you will be shown how to teach your dog to behave calmly around them.

For dogs that are reactive or aggressive to other dogs we have group sessions and courses designed to teach your dog new ways of behaving. Clients really benefit from this ongoing support and practical training.

How many sessions will my dog need?

It isn’t essential to book more than one visit, especially if you are familiar with reward based training techniques, but for aggression cases it is recommended that you have some additional rehabilitation sessions. This is because if your dog is aggressive to other dogs for example you will need the assistance of several helper dogs who will assist with the training (in a way that does not endanger them). The same goes for dogs that are aggressive to humans; you will need to practice many repetitions of the training with different humans, so it is safer, and more effective to book additional visits to get you started on your journey to a safer dog.

If your dog’s problem isn’t aggression then you can get all the advice you need in one session, however it is understandable that the more assistance you have from your behaviourist, the more successful the outcome is likely to be.

What is the price of a consultation?

Consultation prices can be found here.

How do I book a canine behaviour consultation?

Firstly you need a referral from your veterinary surgeon and your vet needs to be confident that there are no health issues that could be causing the problem, so your dog might need to be examined. You will need to take a referral form to your vet for them to sign, which you can download here, or if your dog has already been examined we can just give your vets a call and request the medical notes to be faxed over. After your dog has been given the all clear by your vet we can then proceed with a behaviour consultation.

You will also be sent a detailed questionnaire which you should complete by going through the questions with all the family, as there might sometimes be different opinions and experiences of what has happened. You might be asked to make a recording of your pet’s behaviour or to keep a detailed diary of events. You should return the questionnaire and diary or recordings to Jo before the consultation takes place. The fee is payable at the first consultation.

What if I have Pet Insurance?

Jo is a full member of the Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors and is approved by insurance companies for reimbursement of behaviour fees. If you have pet insurance for your dog you might be able to make a claim for consultation services, if your policy covers you for help with your dog’s behaviour. Please check your policy. You might be able to claim for your consultation and several re-habiliatation training sessions (less your excess). Please be aware that payment is required at the time of the consultation.


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