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Calm Dog classes are currently on hold while we find a suitable new venue
Meanwhile please book a behaviour consultation for your dog so that you can get the individual help that you need.

Does your Chihuahua need to chill out?


What can be achieved

For owners of dogs that are reactive to other dogs, going for walks can be a nightmare. Barking, lunging, growling, snapping, biting and fighting can be a daily challenge. Take control of your dog’s behaviour problem and learn how to train your dog to be calm and empower your dog to be able to cope with social situations.

After an initial consultation and assessment with a behaviourist, owners often struggle to find other dog owners that are willing to help their dog practice new calm skills. By joining our Calm Dog classes owners can practice in a large open space that allows both student dogs to learn to ignore each other.

Teaching your dog to be calm takes months of practice, and progress can be set back by encountering off lead dogs on your walks. Joining our Calm Dog classes allows your dog to practice in a controlled environment on a weekly basis so that you progress more quickly.

Give your reactive dog more space! Enquire about our Calm Dog classes!

Common question you may have…

What if my dog is aggressive to people as well as dogs?

If your dog has been identified as being aggressive to strangers as well as dogs then for the safety of everyone attending the course you are advised to have a behaviour consultation and continue with individual sessions. If your dog has been identified during the consultation as being not aggressive to people but has a problem of barking at people and dogs then your dog might still be suitable for the course. If you are unsure of whether your dog is aggressive to strangers then a behaviour consultation will assess your dog and you will get help to change your dog’s behaviour.

Why do I need an initial consultation and assessment?
An initial assessment is so important so that we have as much information as possible on each dog attending the course. This is for the safety of each dog and handler. During our initial session you will also be given exercises to practice and be taken on a short walk to teach you how to cope with your dog’s behaviour on walks. You will be given the training techniques to practice that will be used on the Calm Dog course so that you are ready to start teaching your dog how to cope in the environment with other dogs as soon as possible.
What is the price of a consultation?

Consultation prices can be found here.

What is the price of the Calm Dog course?

The price of the four week Calm Dog course is £65 per dog.

What if I have Pet Insurance?
Jo is a full member of the Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors and is approved by insurance companies for reimbursement of behaviour fees. If you have pet insurance for your dog you might be able to make a claim for consultation services if your policy covers you for help with your dog’s behaviour. Please check your policy. You might be able to claim for your consultation and place on the Calm Dog course (less your excess). Please be aware that payment is required at the time of the initial consultation.
How do I book a behaviour consultation for my dog?

Firstly you need a referral from your veterinary surgeon and your vet needs to be confident that there are no health issues that could be causing the problem, so your dog might need to be examined. You will need to take a referral form to your vet for them to sign, which you can download here, or if your dog has already been examined we can just give your vets a call and request the medical notes to be faxed over. After your dog has been given the all clear by your vet we can then proceed with a behaviour consultation.

You will also be sent a detailed questionnaire which you should complete by going through the questions with all the family, as there might sometimes be different opinions and experiences of what has happened. You might be asked to make a recording of your pet’s behaviour or to keep a detailed diary of events. You should return the questionnaire and diary or recordings to Jo before the consultation takes place. The fee is payable at the first consultation.

Course schedule

2016 Calm Dog class schedule

New course starts Saturday 5th March

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7th May

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