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Why personal 1-2-1 training?

Some dogs find a training class environment too stressful to be able to cope, which stops them from being able to learn very much, and causes anxiety for the owner. A number of private training sessions at your own home might be a more suitable option.

Owners that work shifts or can’t attend evening courses also benefit from personal training sessions tailored specifically for their dog.

Some owners find that they have one or two issues that cause problems, such as coming back when called, or walking on the lead. Targeting these specific issues can help.

What help can be provided

Training 1-2-1s can also be arranged to give detailed and precise help for your dog in the following areas:

  • How to stop my dog pulling on the lead
  • How to stop my dog jumping up at people
  • How to teach my dog to come back when I call
  • How to teach my dog to listen to me
  • How to teach my dog to stop scavenging for food
  • How to teach my dog to calm down

Is tailored training a good fit for your dog?

Common questions you may have…

What is the price?

Training fees can be found here

How do I book personalised training?

To enquire about personalised training for your dog use the links on the page above or click here

Does my dog need a training session or a behaviour consultation?

Training teaches your dog to follow specific instructions such as sit or come when you ask them to. Behaviour consultations take a more holistic approach and examine what your dog is doing, what they are feeling and how their behaviour can be changed with training and management. Minor problems that you are experiencing with your dogs behaviour can be usually be addressed with some specialised training, such as problems with your dog jumping up or not coming back on a walk. Any problems that are affected by your dogs emotions such as aggression, fear, phobias, unsettled behaviour when alone or generally odd behaviour needs a consultation. Please read our section on how to book a behaviour consultation.

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