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Please note that Puppy School courses are only available to puppies up to 20 weeks of age at the start of the course.

Submitting a request for a place on Puppy School is straightforward. Simply select a course from the available list below and provide some details about you and your dog.

Available Courses

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Common question you may have…

Why do some courses say "Limited Availability"?

When a course is showing (Limited Availability) this mean that only one place remaining. Once that last place has been reserved then the course will not be available to choose.

Whi do I need to enter "Owner Details"?

Even though we want you to reserve your place on a course as quickly as possible we do need to take minimal details about yourself in case we need to contact you.

Why do I need to enter my "Dogs Details"?

We want to help you reserve a place on a course while it is available so we defer entering most of the registration details about your dog until after you have reserved your place.

However, to ensure that the correct age dogs are registering on the appropriate course we need to take minimal details regarding the dog prior to reserving your place.

Why do I need to accept terms and conditions?

Sorry, you need to accept terms and conditions before you can reserve a place on a course. This is mainly for the safety and security of you and other attendees.


Still have questions?

We will be please to answer any query you may have...